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Zhejiang Qinyou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the influential enterprises in China's water purification industry. The company is committed to the development, operation and promotion of "Qinyou" brand household and commercial fast heating water dispenser without inner tank, fast heating pipeline machine without inner tank, RO machine, water purifier and other products.

Qinyou brand products have passed the health license of the Ministry of health, 3C safety certification, CE certification, with dozens of product patents, completely relieving the worries of dealers, agents and users.

Adhering to the tenet of "mastering core technology and serving human health", we sincerely invite forces from all walks of life to jointly advocate and create a healthy and safe living environment for the public.

What is the reason for the odor of the household pipeline machine?

Nowadays, with the gradual improvement of people's quality of life, the requirements for home pipeline machines are also getting higher and higher. ...

What is a pipeline machine? What are the types of pipeline machines?

Nowadays, with the increasingly serious water pollution in the world, the safety of household drinking water is becoming more and more worrying. In order to allow people to use safer and healthier water, more and more water purifiers and drinking water equipment have appeared on the market. There are various products, and the pipeline machine is also one of them. So what is a pipeline machine? How is it classified? Next, the editor of Zhejiang Qinyou will introduce to you in detail what is a pipeline machine? Let's have a look!...

The Common Trouble And Solution Of Three Kinds Of Fast Heat Pipeline Machine

With the progress of technology, our water purification technology is constantly updated. Now, in addition to effectively purifying water quality, household water purifiers only need 3 seconds to boil a glass of water after using the terminal quick heating pipeline machine. They also have room temperature, 45 ℃, 65 ℃ and other optional temperatures, especially suitable for families with elderly people, pregnant women, infants and so on. No matter from the perspective of energy conservation and environmental protection, or saving money, it has more advantages than the traditional water dispenser....