Zhejiang Qinyou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Qinyou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the influential enterprises in China's water purification industry. The company is committed to the development, operation and promotion of "Qinyou" brand household and commercial fast heating water dispenser without inner tank, fast heating pipeline machine without inner tank, RO machine, water purifier and other products.

        Zhejiang Qinyou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic enterprise specialized in R & D, manufacturing and sales of water purification equipment and drinking water equipment. It is one of the production bases and export bases of drinking water dispensers and water purifiers with a certain scale in China. As a professional manufacturer of water appliances, Qinyou, with its perfect quality management system and huge investment in the introduction of water dispenser and water purifier production lines from abroad, has an annual production capacity of more than 800000 units. The systematization of scientific management and the automation of production process build a powerful platform for product incubation and manufacturing.

        Qinyou company is advancing in exploration and developing in advance. A big step has been taken in the establishment of modern enterprise system. Qinyou adheres to and implements the correct development strategy, establishes the company's management system of performing their respective duties and responsibilities, and is improving day by day. In research and development, we should learn from international advanced technology. In the construction of production system, we should keep up with the international standards, put pressure on ourselves, and step up the steps step by step. The company conducts internal quality audit according to the requirements of ISO9001 standard every year. Through continuous discovery of problems, rectification, improvement and improvement, we form a closed loop of management, so that the company's management work can be continuously improved. We should focus on prevention, carry out various forms of hidden danger inspection and error finding activities, so as to rectify the adverse factors affecting the production quality as soon as possible.

        Qinyou brand products have passed the health license of the Ministry of health, 3C safety certification, CE certification, with dozens of product patents, completely relieving the worries of dealers, agents and users.

        With years of innovation and development, Qinyou brand water purification appliances has become the backbone of the industry with its advantages in product, market and management, and continuous improvement in product innovation. At present, the company has a number of modern water purifier production lines and water treatment equipment production workshops, as well as specialized and serialized injection molding production lines, with an annual production capacity of more than 800000 sets.

        As a water purification enterprise with a certain sales volume in the world, Qinyou has been focusing on the research and development of domestic water dispensers and water purification equipment for ten years. According to the company's strategic planning, over the years, we have always carried out the business philosophy of steady operation and sustainable development, continuously recruited excellent talents, increased investment in R & D and scientific research, improved the management system and mechanism, consolidated and developed the domestic market, actively explored the international market, enhanced our own strength from all aspects and links, and comprehensively improved the company's operation quality.

        With the further adjustment and improvement of organizational structure, business model and management mechanism, Qinyou's comprehensive strength will leap to a higher level. Guided by the blueprint of water purification changing life, through the unremitting efforts of all staff of qinyoushui household appliances, we have polished excellent product quality with unswerving innovation spirit and unremitting efforts.

        Adhering to the tenet of "mastering core technology and serving human health", we sincerely invite forces from all walks of life to jointly advocate and create a healthy and safe living environment for the public.